「無聲製造者 與其他」Matti Isan Blind個展


開幕茶會 Opening Reception 2014/10/04 18:00 – 21:00 Sat.
開幕表演 Performance 2014/10/04 18:00
展期 Exhibition Duration 2014/10/04-2014/11/02

12:00-20:00 週二至週五 Tue.-Fri.
14:00-20:00 週六至週日 Sat.-Sun.

絕對空間 台南市中西區民生路一段205巷11號

Silent Provider (et al.)
Matti Isan Blind此次個展展出作品包括雕塑、攝影和以時間為基礎的物件作品,為參與草埕文化藝術工作室駐市計劃之創作


開幕當晚,導演廖若涵與舞者Som Tsai將透過一段獨特的肢體舞蹈演出,延伸並演繹展場作品。

Silent Provider (et al.)
This solo exhibition by Matti Isan Blind displays ten recent works including sculpture, photography, installation and time-based objects.

At the heart of the show at Absolute Art Space, Tainan is the light installation Silent Provider (2014). Seventeen lights – including the headlights of a car parked outside the gallery – are sequenced and choreographed, corresponding with each other, possessed by impish spirits.

On the opening evening the choreographer Zouhan Liao and the dancer Som Tsai will show a unique choreography, expanding the topography of the show into the form of dance.

This project was organized and funded by Art Square Tainan.


Matti Isan Blind簡介

Matti Isan Blind畢業於英國倫敦Chelsea College of Art,作品於世界各地展出。他的創作中最重要的核心概念之一在於探討時間與動力之間的關聯性,以及如何影響我們。他視作品為觸發點,透過混合真實與虛構的元素引導觀者,探索時間結構和個體經驗,並思索如何強化兩者之間。Blind為了在展場設置情境,他運用觀者的期待感、操作機會,企圖創造欲望的場域,讓作品、環境與個體產生接觸與分歧。作品不限單一媒介,包含雕塑、影像、組件、裝置與動力元素。
近期展覽包括De Appel Project at LISTE, Basel, Cacotopia, International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester, Liste Art Fair and Herbei ein Licht! Lismore Castle Arts: St Carthage Hall Chapel Street, Lismore, Co. Waterford, Ireland.

Matti Isan Blind studied at Chelsea College of Art in London and has since exhibited worldwide. One of his central motifs is to investigate the relationship of time and motion and how it affects us. He is exploring temporal structures and individual experiences and how they can be intensified – with his work functioning as a trigger to transport the visitor by mixing real and fictitious elements. Aiming to set up situations in the exhibiting venue, Blind is working with expectation and chance occurences, creating a field of desires to allow encounters and divisions between works, the surrounding space and the individuals. His practice is not limited to one medium and in the past he worked with sculpture, film, sets, installation and kinetic elements.

Recent exhibitions include De Appel Project at LISTE, Basel, Cacotopia, International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester, Liste Art Fair and Herbei ein Licht! Lismore Castle Arts: St Carthage Hall Chapel Street, Lismore, Co. Waterford, Ireland.



在2012-2013年這兩年期間,朱盈樺和紀紐約分別創作三組作品,從不同層面、藉¬由不同介質,在城市裡開展自我的身體、深入探究城市的多元樣貌,並在作品中藉由動員觀¬眾身體的手法和開啓想像空間的路徑,企圖喚起觀者身體的感知。今年,本計畫邀請三位創¬作者/策展人:紀紐約(台灣)、Matti Isan Blind(德國)、楊凱婷(台灣),來台南進行駐市創作與展演,三位藝術家/策展人¬曾有過多次國內、外駐村創作的經驗,此次將從不同層面回應、探索「城市。記憶」的主題¬,並思考城市歷史的積累與轉換、自身個體的流動與地方交集的特質。

Art Square Taiwan first initiated its ‘Artist-in-Residence programme’ in 2012. Under the theme ‘City.Memory’ with contemporary art as the core and the city as text, the programme invited artists to explore personal reflections, thinking and interpretations towards the city and at the same time to interact with both the city and the residents through revitalizing the characteristics and culture of the Tainan city. It actively gathered the local community to engage with the creation process. Not only did this programme cultivate the art but it also awakened the public to think about the city they live in, to explore and to imagine the various dimensions of the city. The idea of the ‘Artist-in-Residence programme’ is to combine the three major parts: ‘city-based creation’, ‘exhibition and performance’ and ‘activity’ in the process of curating. It invites artist(s) to create artworks in the city in two months which are to be exhibited to the public for a duration of one month. While the artist(s) interact(s) with the city and the community, it is hoping that art functions to eliminate the spatial restrictions that conventionally exist. The creation process and the artwork produced are expected to enhance better interactivity with the city and to create linkages with the lives of local residents and community. That is the reason why the exhibition space is not necessarily a conforming or official exhibition space. There are different kinds of activities to take place in the forms of opening studios and seminars in order to invite the entries, interactions and participation of the public in the concept brainstorming and display of the artworks. The programme endeavours to construct a knowledge platform to enable further exchanges and to make available more gathering points for collecting ideas about the city and art criticisms, furthermore, to document the process and to present the nature of the programme as a whole.

During the two years between 2012 and 2013, Chu Yinhua and Chi New York created three sets of artworks respectively to explore the diverse appearances of the city through personal bodily engagements. Their works seek to arouse the audience’s senses through mobilizing their bodies and opening up the path for imaginations. This year, the programme invite three artist(s)/curator(s): Chi New York (Taiwan), Matti Isan Blind (Germany), Yang Kai Ting (Taiwan) to create, exhibit and perform in the Tainan city. These artist(s)/curator(s) are very experienced in artist residency nationally and internationally. This time they will explore and respond to the theme of ‘City.Memory’ at different levels, to reflect upon the accumulation and development of the city’s history, and to ponder over the unique nature of the fluid trajectory of their physical movements which intersect and interact with places.