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國外駐村藝術家 / 日本 / 跨領域當代藝術
Mikio Saito 齊藤幹男



During the five weeks Mikio Saito was resident at Soulangh Cultural Park, he attempts to form many-layered art works with mixture of everything he encountered.

“I was very fascinated by many daily incidents, which are thought to be in natural and nothing special; such as nature, food, cloth and many small things. Before it will become routine with me, I wanted to explore their brilliant ideas and turn them into a collage of memoir in a playful way.”

This is his first solo show in Taiwan. The exhibition consists of video, sculptures, collage of printed images, costumes and installation specifically created for A13 gallery.

齊藤幹男(Mikio Saito,1978-)是一位來自日本札幌的視覺藝術家。2000年畢業於日本東京早稲田大學,2007年取得德國法蘭克福Städelschule藝術學院藝術碩士。


2014 “A Pageant of Light and Sound” 釧路美術館,釧路,日本
2013 “Missing Boomerang” CAI02,札幌,日本
2012 “Emotionale Passagen” WUK,維也納,奧地利


Mikio Saito (1978) is a Sapporo-based visual artist. Graduated from University of Waseda, Tokyo, Japan (2000) and Städelschule, Frankfurt, Germany (2007) and holds Master of Fine Arts.

He works mostly with video installation. He combines hand-drawn animation, photographed images and computer graphics, all in a highly individual way. Also, he recently often collaborates with a variety of musicians, and makes a video live performance.

Recent exhibitions include; “FENIKS FESTIVAL” DeFENIKS, Antwerp, Belgium (2014); “A Pageant of Light and Sound” Kushiro Art Museum, Kushiro, Japan (2014); “Missing Boomerang” CAI02, Sapporo, Japan (2013); “Emotionale Passagen” WUK, Vienna, Austria (2012).

Artwork: https://www.youtube.com/user/MegaIroiro