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2019 Tainan Museum Festival—Extracurricular Treasures


What do you like to read outside of class?


Perhaps it is a detective novel full of suspense and excitement, a fascinating tale of Greek mythology, or a fashion magazine that leads the trend. These extracurricular readings accompany you as you grow up, broadening your horizons in a way that textbooks cannot.


In the museum, the most important place of learning outside the school, anyone can find their own topics of interest, including historical wonders, local anecdotes, humanities and arts, and natural sciences, like the food of thought that you couldn’t put down in the past. Here, with exclusive items engraved in your memory, you can say goodbye to the textbooks and exams, and calmly dedicate the whole afternoon to extracurricular activities just like old times, extending your learning and re-starting your journey.


The 2019 Tainan Museum Festival invites you to come find your own extracurricular treasures.


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